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Pneumatic and Remote Cattle Handling

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

ProWay’s StockFlow™ Pneumatic & Remote Cattle Handling Solutions

ProWay’s StockFlow™ Pneumatic Solutions offer the latest in cattle handling innovation, delivering custom, turnkey systems designed to improve the safety, ease and efficiency of stock work.

By integrating technology to our robust product range, ProWay offer remote and automated solutions for professional cattle operations that minimise labour required to process stock and significantly improves safety and efficiency.

StockFlow™ Pneumatic Equipment is primarily controlled with a hand-held remote and control box that is programmed specifically to your operation. The remote allows the operator to control cattle flow through the working area from anywhere in the yards.



This example design shows numerous StockFlow™ pneumatic features:

Australian Innovation & Technology

All of ProWay’s StockFlow™ Pneumatic Equipment is industrial grade and sourced from quality Australian suppliers and manufacturers. ProWay’s in-house engineering team work with leading Australian suppliers and technicians to deliver superior standard equipment, best suited to the livestock industry.

Remote Control Yards are a game changer for safety

Cattle yards, particularly working areas are often associated with stress and workplace risk. Traditional systems require walking back and forth to process livestock or having multiple staff to operate gates when processing stock.

By introducing remote controlled air gates to cattle yard leadups, forcing yards, working races and the draft means you are removing operators from dangerous and compromised positions while cutting down on labour. ProWay’s remote solutions provide a much easier alternative in which one or more staff can simply press a button to move stock or open or shut a gate from anywhere in the yards.

Pneumatic & Remote Operation Cattle Handling Solutions

Pneumatic & Remote Cattle Handling Guide

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Industrial Grade Wireless Technology

Each ProWay StockFlow™ system is designed to run on a single air supply which our specialist team can advise on depending on your requirements.

The remote control is synced with a central base station which transmits a signal through control cables to each Pneumatic product.

Open and shut functions are instant at the press of a button.

  • Remote and stationary controls

    • ProWay Pneumatic solutions have been developed to ensure your facility maintains safety and efficiency
    • We offer three solutions for pneumatic control, including handheld wireless remote, individual button operation or a stationary control box. We can cater from 2 to 16 individual functions
    • ProWay customise every system depending on your requirements and can include a combination of these control units
    • Depending on the number of Pneumatic locations in your design, ProWay will advise on the required air compressor and ideal control options
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  • Pneumatic Auto or Remote Drafter

    • Developed to dramatically reduce labour when drafting through the crush
    • Can be used for a 3 or 5 way draft for quick and safe drafting
    • Built with oval rail for strength and hot dipped channel base for longevity
    • Rubber stoppers for quiet operation
    • Industrial grade pneumatics for longevity
    • The AutoDraft control box allows units to be used as an auto or remote drafter
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  • Pneumatic Race Draft

    • The Pneumatic Race Draft is installed within the race frame to allow drafting before the crush
    • Handheld remote for flexibility allowing the operator to draft from anywhere in the yards
    • Sheeted panels are optional to encourage stock flow
    • It also has a heavy duty galvanised construction frame with industrial Pneumatics for longevity
    • Manufactured to suit radial arc of the race, for straight or curved designs
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  • Pneumatic Rotary Force

    • The Pneumatic Rotary Force is designed to maximise efficiency. It removes the need to get inside the force area with cattle, eliminating the risk of injury
    • The force operates with the press of a button and can be operated from a walkway for continuous flow into the race
    • Fully galvanised heavy-duty construction with industrial grade Pneumatics to ensure longevity
    • The padded brake moves around rolled panels, locking into position and stopping cattle from backing up
    • ProWay offer two styles of the Pneumatic Rotary Force. The Sweep Force which has a single gate controlled by remote, and the Tick-Tock Force which has a dual gate system for greater efficiency for higher throughput operations.
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  • Pneumatic Rotary Block Gates

    • ProWays pneumatic rotary block gates are remote controlled and operate within the race
    • The gates pivot on a central axis from open to closed in one motion
    • Industrial grade Pneumatics for longevity
    • They are operated with a control box and compressor that can be setup for other Pneumatic processes
    • Safely stops cattle in the working race without any risk to operators
    • Able to operate gates from anywhere in the cattle yards avoiding spooking cattle as with conventional sliding gates
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  • Pneumatic Weighbox Crush

    • Designed for efficient and accurate individual walk over weight data capture. ProWay’s Weighbox is industry renowned for strength and quality
    • Pneumatic Rotary Block Gate entry and remote operated headbale at the exit for continuous flow of cattle
    • Vet access doors on the working side allow quick access for husbandry practices
    • Timber mounting frame for panel readers on the outside to eliminate interference
    • Galvanised construction with our trademark quality and fit for purpose design
    • Designed to suit a variety of load cells and indicators
  • Pneumatic Guillotine Gate

    • Gate lifts vertically leaving a throughway for cattle and operators to walk under and returns to ground position at the press of a button
    • Overhead lifting arms are designed to reduce the height of the unit
    • Hinged mechanism for lifting and lowering provides give when gate is coming down
    • Industrial grade Pneumatic Ram
    • Gate sits inside a channel which guides a smooth open shut movement
    • Can be adapted to Pound Draft System for multiple direction drafting
  • Pneumatic Swing Gate

    • Remote operated gate which swing open with the press of a button
    • Gate swings in one direction back against fence
    • Braced overhead and heavy-duty galvanised construction
    • Industrial grade Pneumatic Ram
    • Latch opens and engages remotely with the latch pocket
    • Can also be used on exits to draft modules to split cattle more ways
  • Remote and Stationary Controls
  • Pneumatic Auto or Remote Drafter
  • Pneumatic Race Draft
  • Pneumatic Rotary Force
  • Pneumatic Rotary Block Gates
  • Pneumatic Weighbox Crush
  • Pneumatic Guillotine Gate
  • Pneumatic Swing Gate

“Our labour efficiency has more than doubled compared to the old yards. The air operated aspect would save a man in itself. Just a press of a button, we weighed and drafted 320 heifers with RFID in under an hour.”

Peter Gordon | Livestock Manager
GAIT Co., Minjah Station, VIC

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“The rotary force gate is a single button press to pull it around, and another to open it back up. It’s simple to operate and means we can fill the race without having to be standing in a fixed location, which is a big benefit. In terms of efficiency, with the pneumatic draft is a great advantage for us.”

Matt Vaughan | Property Owner
LarnOO Pastoral, Ghin Ghin, VIC

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“The efficiency gains of the pneumatics are one of the key advantages of these yards. The cattle just move through the race and draft without stress or needing force.”

Jono Ashby | Livestock Manager
Thomas Food International, Tintinara, SA

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