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Shearing Shed Design Features

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Superior Shearing Shed Design

ProWay have a proud history of designing and installing custom shearing shed fitouts for professional wool producers.


ProWay’s experience ensures the best quality outcome for your shearing shed design.

We specialise in custom fitouts for new and existing sheds, as well as stockyards and livestock handling equipment.

ProWay Shearing Sheds have been refined over time through research, testing and most importantly, feedback from our clients. The following outline some of the key features and options available in ProWay shed fitouts.

Optimum Pen Design

    • ProWay takes pride in providing the best solutions for stock movement within your holding pens
    • Sheeted fences are used strategically to promote sheep flow
    • Most designs incorporate an access lane way through the sheep area. This is especially useful to get back to the wool room after penning up
    • Gates where necessary are braced overhead for extra strength

Lighting and Ventilation

    • The orientation of your shearing shed is an important consideration
    • Correctly positioned shutters, doors and removable lower panels maximise ventilation for cooling and drying stock when required
    • Laser light panelling on southern walls provides excellent natural light without creating heat. Natural light improves stock flow as it minimises the contrast from above and below grating
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Slide Swing Gates

    • These versatile gates offer flexibility when penning up and moving sheep through the shed
    • Able to swing 270˚and slide back through a channel, eliminating the frustration of sheep getting caught behind gates or gates stuck shut when the pen is full of sheep
    • ProWay recommends these gates in most of the openings within your pen layout
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Slope Catching Pens

    • Catching pens are sloped towards the board to aid shearers dragging out sheep
    • In sawtooth layouts pens are at 45 degrees so sheep do not enter towards the catching pen doors
    • Gates between catching pens allow for moving sheep at cutouts
    • The back gates of catching pens are slide swing, making filling easier
    • ProWay use 65 x 38 mountain ash as a standard (cypress is an option)
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Wool Room Floor

    • There are options when it comes to your wool room floor, however many of our clients opt for a concrete slab which is poured prior to the fitout
    • Concreting your shed offers multi-purpose benefits such as wool bale or machinery storage throughout the year.
    • Timber wool rooms are also an option for a more comfortable working surface, or a combination of both

Grating Options

  • Hardwood (Mountain Ash) Grating

    • Our standard grating is a 65x38mm mountain ash that is bevelled on one edge
    • The bevel allows manure through with the wide edge facing up.
    • ProWay recommend hardwood grating for all catching pens and design the structure to slope towards the board to make the drag easier
    • Grating is sourced for the individual job by reputable mills
    • Timber is cut to size on site to by our experienced contractors and fastened to the joists with specialty QuikDrive stainless steel countersinking screws
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  • Woven Wire Grating

    • Galvanised woven grating is made of 5mm woven wire and has a 20mm spacing allowing manure to pass through
    • Termite resistant
    • The mesh is manufactured in sheets and are fitted to timber joists with galvanised fasteners
    • Can be cut around obstructions such as chutes and columns
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  • Plastic Tile Grating

    • Supplied in 1200 x 400mm panel format, the plastic grating is a quality alternative to timber grating as its termite resistant
    • Panels are screwed into timber joists and can be trimmed around obstructions such as chutes and columns
    • Plastic grating is also good at stopping light from underneath, with sufficient holes to allow manure to pass through
    • Light, strong and non-slip panels make it easy to install and suitable for shearing sheds or upgrades
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  • FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) Grating

    • High strength and suited to shearing shed floors for its long life and durability
    • Provides excellent grip and is suitable in holding pens but not recommended in catching pens
    • Corrosion, fire and UV resistant
    • Sheets can be laid on ProWay’s joist framework and are fastened down with stainless steel brackets and specialty screws
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  • Hardwood (Mountain Ash) Grating
  • Woven Wire Grating
  • Plastic Tile Grating
  • FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) Grating


    • Recessed into the board for ease of release to send sheep under the grating.
    • Fully galvanised frame and sheeting for maximum longevity.
    • Angled at 54 degrees, sheep are released into countout pens or as a single mob.
    • Electric counters can be fitted to chutes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of counting out.
    • The chutes are 600mm wide providing plenty of room for rams and larger sheep.
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Count Out Pens

    • Depending on your requirements ProWay can build individual count out pens or a single holding pen for sheep holding post shearing.
    • ProWay provides layouts and panels for all under grating fence lines and gates.
    • Individual count outs provide multiple lanes through to the back of the shed.
    • ProWay can incorporate yard designs to work together with your count out pens allowing the operator to process, draft and treat sheep after shearing.
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Return Races

    • In sheds where chutes are not feasible or preferred, return races allow sheep to be released back onto grating.
    • Alternative for operators who wish to count out on the grating.
    • Sheep exit through a one-way door and into individual lanes.
    • Protects sheep from urine stains and requires less infrastructure under the shed, however does take up sheep storage on the grating.
    • Can require more effort from the shearer to release sheep post shearing verses a chute.
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