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Shearing Shed Fitouts

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Custom Built Shearing Sheds With Cutting Edge Design

Premium materials, quality prefabricated components combined with cutting edge design and professional installation ensure your ProWay shearing shed will last you generations.


Maximise the Productivity of your operation

ProWay shearing sheds will make your livestock operation more profitable for the following reasons:

  • Shearing stands are ergonomically safer for operators, with reduced drag times for shearers
  • Reduce labour units required to efficiently handle sheep
  • Animal welfare and stock flow advantages ensure your shearing is done on time, on budget and with minimal stock injuries
  • Premium quality infrastructure minimises maintenance requirements

ProWay’s Designers have a wealth of experience, constantly tweaking designs and ideas based on direct client and industry feedback. ProWay Designers will customise shearing facilities to suit your operation, always looking to incorporate new ideas from similar sized enterprises.

Our site assessment and design process ensures all key elements are considered to maximise efficiencies for your operation, whilst maintaining a safe work environment for staff.

Your project is managed by an experienced ProWay Stockyard Designer, from the initial consultation through to the construction and completion.


Shearing Sheds Fitout

Shearing Sheds Fitout

Your site assessment and design will consider:

  • Natural stock flow principles to make stock handling stress free for the operator and animal
  • Working around existing infrastructure such as sheds, remaining yards and permanent fixtures/services
  • Sheep capacity above and below grating
  • Filling options
  • Safety and benefits for shearers and wool handlers
  • Loading and unloading options
  • Positioning of shed in relation to yards to maximise stock flow
  • Roofing over yards by incorporating existing structures or planning new shed cover
  • Handling and working areas on grating if required
  • Future expansion or growth

Your shed layout will be designed with accurate CAD software, showing dimensions and holding capacities, board options and access points

We’ll calculate concrete quantities and provide advice on drainage and preparing the site for your new shed.

Using our pre-fabricated product, the time from starting to completion on site can vary depending on the scale of the build. Smaller sheds can be fitted out in 2-3 weeks while large scale projects are managed and delivered within planned construction time frames.

Your design will be suited specifically to your operation allowing for more efficient, safe and profitable shearing and processing.

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